Dr. Chandu Wickramarachchi


I am an Emergency Medicine doctor working across North East London, whilst also taking part in a variety of digital, educational, and quality improvement projects at my local NHS Trust.

In order to tackle the complex issues affecting the health of our communities in the long-term (ranging from homelessness to children’s safeguarding), I am studying a Postgraduate Law degree (LLM) alongside my clinical responsibilities.

I am also involved in developing a non-profit collective, bringing together a diverse team of people to help understand research and data to support charities focused on improving healthcare.  Aspiring students are more than welcome to join the team.  By getting involved in our work they can improve their understanding of each other, learn how we use data/analytics to solve tough problems, and integrate the best practices of health & social care into their careers.

My top tip for considering a job in the health & social care sectors is to make the most of volunteering experiences and always try to build meaningful connections with your colleagues – you never know where that next opportunity might take you!