Donna Sheppard

My name is Donna Sheppard.  I am a Senior Training Officer for Apasen, a local Day Care and Home Care provider. I train carers in the skills they require to do their job.  My work brings me into contact with the amazing, talented committed people who work to improve the lives of the more vulnerable in our community.

I especially enjoy training those new to care work, as they come to realise how challenging, but also satisfying, care work really is!

My own journey in Health and Social Care started late in life. I worked in Adult Education for many years but wanted a change.  I had no experience or qualifications in Health and Social Care, so I started as a community carer and enjoyed the work so very much that when I was asked to move into training, I was in two minds about it.

I am a Careers Ambassador because I want to promote this rewarding work. My advice to anyone thinking of a career in Health and Social Care is to jump in with both feet.  The field is so varied and there is so much training available that with the right attitude you cannot fail to succeed.