Fahima Khatun

Hello! I am the Registered Manager at Home Instead Canary Wharf.

I worked in several operational and leadership roles prior to opening my own care business.  Throughout the early years of my career I found myself having to balance my work life with caring for my father.  Although there were challenges, I found the experience very humbling and rewarding.  Truthfully I may never have considered working in the care sector if it wasn’t for my personal experiences.

I have therefore become very passionate about encouraging people to consider a career within or related to the care sector.  I employ a very diverse workforce who in turn are brilliant ambassadors of quality care.  I am very proud of the difference we make together in enriching people’s lives by caring for them in a safe and dignified way.

I work 6 days a week (out of choice!) and outside of this time I am fond of home decorating and I also enjoy watching football.

Click on Fahima’s video to hear more about her role.