Mojisola Bamidele

I currently work in the integrated therapies department as a generic therapy assistant working with the occupational therapist and physiotherapist supporting patients on the ward to improve their function to allow them to be able to live a safe and independent life in the comfort of their home.

We provide adequate support for them as well and give them equipment to maintain their function if necessary.  I also refer patients for community input if they need rehab.

What I love about my job is the ability to leave patients better than the way I met them, this is quite fulfilling for me.

I got into the role in my quest for a change in career, no one told me about it, I searched for different roles on the internet and started out as a locum staff and became a permanent staff and now working up to build a career from it by studying occupational therapy at Coventry University this September.

It’s an exciting career for me, it’s very practical, identifying problems and providing solutions to different ages and type of people, both elderly and young and giving them the opportunity to still be able to carry on with everyday activities irrespective of their current circumstance.

I like to socialize like to motivate people, I’m a people person, I like dancing and generally have a positive approach to life.