Yasmina Hussain

Hello, my name is Yasmina.  I am an occupational therapist (OT).  I am currently employed by East London NHS Foundation Trust.

I am on a community rotation programme which means I get to build my skills in several different areas.

I am currently working at Tower Hamlets housing options service.  This role requires me to carry out functional assessments for people whose health and medical needs are affected by the housing situation.

I am really enjoying this role as it is allowing me to build my OT skills in other areas of housing such as major adaptations and disability standards housing.  Rotations for my role will include: Adult social care, Rehabilitation, localities, and community learning disabilities.

I am really looking forward to working with a range of clients with different needs.  The support available for OT’s throughout the career is very impressive.

We are registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC); this means we meet the standards for training, professional skills, behaviour, and health.  This also means we must continue to meet the requirements throughout our professional career.  We take part in a range of CPD (continuous professional development) activities which helps us maintain skill levels and learn new skills.

I cherish working in Tower Hamlets.  The diverse range of people in this borough gives me a sense of warmth.  We work alongside lots of other services in Tower Hamlets, we are lucky to have many different types of services to help maintain and recover from health and care concerns.

I am very passionate about Occupational Therapy as we work holistically and consider all aspects of a patient’s life.  This enables patients to improve their performance, aids their daily activities, boosts self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.

Occupational therapists work with people from all ages from new-born to older adults.  Occupational Therapists have the skill to work in many different sectors from schools to hospitals, housing to social services, learning disabilities to forensic services, prosthetic, and amputee rehabilitation services to neonatal care, mental health to end of life care. The list is endless.

OT is my second degree.  To be honest I did not know what OT was when I completed my first degree in communication studies.  I feel that not many people know about what OT’s do and I still find it difficult explaining my profession to others.  Some people think we fit toilet seats and others are surprised we are also able to fit bath boards too.  I wish I was told about OT when I was younger, I would have chosen it as my first choice.

My job can sometimes be stressful; it is always important to speak to your manager about work levels and your wellbeing.  I try to go for walks by the riverside with a cup of coffee at least once a day, this helps me gather my thoughts.  Always make plans in your calendar to take regular breaks and visit family and friends.

My favourite thing about this job is the endless opportunities and sense of achievement.  I feel this job to be very rewarding. I come home every evening feeling pleased that I either learnt something new or I made an impact on someone’s life.