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Working in social care in east London

Wednesday 20 March, 11:15am

Do you want to find out more about the range of roles available to in the care sector?

Working in social care is about providing personal and practical support to help people live their lives. Social care roles can be in a care or nursing homes, councils, schools, charities and small community based organisations.

You’ll be surprised at the many different roles in social care. It’s a growing field of employment, with hundreds of employers.

With a growing number of opportunities, and so many different roles to choose from, it can be confusing. In the video, you’ll meet Angela from Enabled Living Healthcare Ltd, who trained as an Occupational Therapist later on in her life and Francis Andohdarbah, a qualified social worker working in Adult Social Care in Newham.

They’ll introduce you to Adam who has care needs, tell you how in their different roles, they support him.

The live chat is open now next to the video player so feel free to leave us a question or comment and we’ll get it forwarded to the team from East London Health & Care Partnership before the broadcast.

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