I am looking to change careers

I am 31 years old and have worked as an administrator for 12 years in an estate agent. I am very creative, good with numbers and IT skills. I like meeting new people and thinking of new ideas to help and solve problems. I enjoy being out and about.

It sounds like you are the sort of person who could bring a lot to a number of care roles. The main decision is whether you want to do a role that is all about working with people or whether you would prefer a back office type role but in a care setting. If you enjoy being out and about then some of the care roles such as community provision could really use your creativity. Or you could teach IT to a group of service users. The options are endless.

There are many jobs available within the NHS corporate services you can apply for through the NHS jobs website. It seems that you have a lot of experience within administration and these are all transferable skills.  You can also apply to work through an agency called NHS Partners, which offers flexible working arrangements.

If you are looking for a complete career change you can always apply for an apprenticeship. There is no age limit and this would be a great way of making the first steps in a new career. During an apprenticeship you will earn a salary, receive training, learn job- specific skills and gain recognisable qualifications.  Most importantly you will gain invaluable experience which will help you progress into banded roles within the NHS.

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