I have no formal qualifications

I left school at 16 and have been working in retail for the last 15 years. I would now like to try something different but have no qualifications other than a few GSCE’s. I enjoy working with people and would now prefer a job between 9 to 5.

You could apply for a range of care jobs straight away. Many jobs don’t require qualifications or experience but employers are looking for the right sort of person. If you like working with people, are a caring person with the right attitude and a willingness to learn, then an employer can teach you the knowledge and skills you need on the job. You could do a diploma or apprenticeship whilst working. Some jobs involve shift work so you’d need to look at which sorts of jobs in care can be done in regular hours.

You could also think about a career in health and may qualify for an apprenticeship programme within the sector. As you prefer to work 9 to 5  non-clinical roles such as within administration or HR may be more suitable for you. There is no age limit and this would be a great way of making the first career steps in the health sector. During an apprenticeship you will earn a salary, receive training, learn job- specific skills and gain recognisable qualifications.  Most importantly you will gain invaluable experience which will help you progress into banded roles within the NHS.

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