I have taken a career break and would like to return to work

During the last 5 years I have taken a career break to look after my children. I would now like to return back to work but find the world and its needs have changed. I use to be a project officer in a charity organisation but don’t have the confidence to do this role. I would like to have some exposure to what it is like back at work but not sure how I can do this.

Your previous work experience gives you a really good grounding and I’m sure you’d soon develop the confidence to do a range of different roles. Volunteering is a good way of building back your confidence but don’t be afraid to apply for jobs as I’m sure you’d soon gain back those skills you think you’ve lost. Although things have changed in a care role you’d be given all the training you need when you start so don’t worry you won’t need to know everything in advance.

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