I’ve completed my A Levels and on summer break

I’ve been predicted really good A Level results and have a conditional place at university to study Psychology. I have a long summer break and would like find a summer placement and work whilst studying.

You have the choice of looking for voluntary work to build up your experience or seeing whether you can find paid work in care roles which don’t require qualifications and which you may be able to continue whilst you are studying. Things like becoming a personal assistant to someone who needs care and support would be ideal. There are also many  other care roles that you can do part time. It is ideal if you  can do a job that really supports someone in need of care and will also help you understand people.

That will be useful for your degree.

In some settings within the health sector may offer part-time or temporary paid work arrangements.  Your age and lack of experience may restrict what kind of jobs you are able to do but having a paid job is a great way of getting work experience  while earning a bit of money at the same time. You may consider looking for a job in a community pharmacy, care homes, local clinics or health centres. Once you have a bit of relevant experience you can also apply to work through an agency called NHS Partners, which offers flexible working arrangements.

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