I’ve completed my degree and looking for work

I’ve just finished my degree in Business Administration and I’m currently looking for a job. All I can find at the moment are retail jobs or admin posts. I thought as a graduate I would be able to do more.

In care there are a range of job where your degree would be relevant. Most care organisations have roles which are about the overall working of the organisation and where your business admin knowledge and skills can be used. You’ll be surprised at how many openings there are in care and many people go into a care organisation with no experience in that sector but soon find a role that suits them perfectly. Charities and voluntary sector organisations often look for graduates.

If you would like to work in health there are many jobs available within the NHS corporate services you can apply for through the NHS jobs website. As you lack relevant experience you will most likely be successful in securing entry level jobs at bands 2-4. Higher banded roles would normally require you to have previous experience within the sector or management experience. Many people progress their careers with relevant skills, experience and determination.

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